Title: A Tale of War

A College-Ruled Contemplation

Carry On

Math Lesson


Plus Ça Change/The More Things Change

Eva’s Wish

Hope on the Wind

Flight of Freedom



Today Is the Day

A Rock and a Hard Place

Take Flight from Guantanamo…


Fly Away

In That Moment



Born Game


The Dolls



How the Light Shines…



Things Just Ain’t the Same

Take Flight





Fight or Flight

A Hunter’s Tail

First in Flight

The Edge

On the Wings of Revenge

Plastic Heart



Those Left Behind

The Bone Collection

Flights Taken

Two Birds, One Stone

Mondays are for Changes

On the Wings of Love


Thyme Flies



Some Call It Flying

Flight or Fight

Death Took My Hand

To Meet Again

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21-24 APRIL 2017

PROMPT: Take Flight


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