The Brute

Becky and the Drifter


The Vain Ruler and his Ambitious Manservant

Painfully Royal

An Assassin's Tale

From Death to Muerte

Henry & Grace

The Storyteller

Ever After



Sleeping Beauty

The Oak and the Willow Tree

The Creole Moon



A Father’s Fable

The Three Sisters and the Fishy Duke

The Collector

The Pendulum



Brave Little Ada

Film Blanc

To Grind or Not to Grind

The Throne

India Rose's Reality



Do Not Despair

Something Wicked This Way Comes



The Blind Princess

Happily Never After



Hannah and Gretchen




She Swallowed a God

Make Me Laugh

A Word of Caution

Finish the Story


The Doll the Soldier and the Dragon

A Story in Two Parts

The Key

The Perfect Selfie

Fairy Tale Land

The Fiddler and the Nightingale





To Be or Not to Be

The Lost

Freedom of Choice

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20-23 JANUARY 2017 

PROMPT: Grimm's Fairy Tales


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